How can we Manage and Prevent Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprain is a very common injury. What should we do after ankle injury? How can we prevent it from being sprained again?


  • Inappropriate footwear causing poor balance, e.g. high heels, or shoes with a soft sole
  • Improper shoe habits, e.g. shoelaces not tightened causing the foot not stabilized in shoes
  • Sudden twisting or excessive stress of the joint during sports, e.g. playing basketball, tennis, football, etc.
  • Foot malalignment, such as flat feet, over-pronated feet and high arches, which cause excessive rotation of the ankle, resulting in overstretching of the ankle ligaments
  • Old wounds of sprained ankle cause weakening of ligaments and risk of further injury
Ankle Sprain


  • Pain and swelling
  • Bruising
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Impairment of mobility


  1. Custom-made prescription foot orthoses: To control foot deformity and stabilize the ankle, thus reducing the risk of injury
  2. Ankle brace: Ankle brace provides appropriate pressure and support to the injured area during rehabilitation. It helps protecting the ankle, reducing swelling and preventing further injury.
  3. Proper shoes: Choosing shoes with firm heel counter and midsole helps to stabilize the ankle and reduce the risk of ankle sprains
  4. Stretching exercises: Stretching exercises help to relieve muscle tension and improve muscle flexibility.
  5. Balancing exercises: Strengthening the muscles around ankle joint increases the stability.
  6. Cold therapy: Applying a cold pack to the injured area within 48 hours after injury to prevent swelling and reduce pain.
  7. Rest : Sufficient rest for ankle is necessary for recovery

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