What is lateral hamstring tendonitis?

Is there a solution to the pain on the lateral side of the knee back? The hamstring muscle is located behind the femur (thigh bone) and is made up of three groups of muscles: the semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. The lateral biceps femoris, i.e. the tendon near the knee, can be easily strained by various factors, leading to inflammation.


  1. Abnormal foot biomechanics (e.g. flat feet, excessive pronated feet, high arched feet) leading to excessive rotation of the lower leg, resulting in excessive traction of the lateral hamstring tendons
  2. Difference of length at both legs leading to slight bending of the longer knee joint to balance the height of the pelvis which causes long-term contraction and strain on the tendons of the lateral hamstrings resulting chronic inflammation of the lateral hamstrings
  3. Sudden increase in speed and volume of movement during exercise, resulting in over-traction and use of the lateral hamstring tendons
膝痛 前膝痛 腿痛


  • Pulling Pain at the Back of the Lateral Knee
  • Particularly severe when the foot is pushed on the ground during push off stage of gait
  • In severe cases, redness and swelling will appear and the pain may persist


  1. Prescription Custom Foot Orthoses: Consult a Pedorthist to assess the foot alignment and biomechanics and use of prescription orthoses to handle the problem
  2. Perform warm-up exercise before and after exercise or sports session
  3. Stretching exercises for the hamstrings and quadriceps
  4. Increase the strength of the hamstring muscles with strengthening exercises