Lliotibial Band Syndrome


The Iliotibial band is a soft tissue on the lateral thigh attached to the pelvis at its upper end and connected to the tensor fascia latae and gluteus maximus muscles; and its lower end runs down the outside or lateral part of the femur (thigh bone) and crosses the knee then attaching to the tibia (calf bone).


If the knee is repeatedly flexed and extended (e.g. running, cycling), there is a chance that the iliotibial tract may rub against the thigh bone and cause inflammation.

The following conditions are more likely to cause iliotibial tibial syndrome.

  • Flat feet / Excessive Pronated feet
  • Genu Varum (Bow-leg)
  • Tightness of the iliotibial band


  • Pain in the lateral aspect of the knee joint


  1. Prescription Custom Foot Orthoses for foot problems (e.g. flat feet, excessive pronated feet), to control subtalar joint alignment, to reduce internal rotation of the lower leg and reduce friction between the iliotibial band and thigh bone during walking
  2. Physiotherapy to relieve the inflammation. Regularly perform iliotibial band stretching exercises
  3. Reduce the amount of running and cycling activity

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