Feeling Pain over the Medial Foot arch while Walking or being Pressed?

Navicular pain is pain over the prominence of the navicular bone and it may be aggravated during walking or exercise. Is there any way to relieve the pain effectively?


  • Abnormal shape of the navicular bone or the presence of an accessory bone
  • Abnormal foot biomechanics (e.g. flat feet and over-pronated feet), causes excessive stress on the navicular and tibialis posterior muscle
  • Muscle imbalance causes excessive tension or torque on the foot during walking which results in repetitive trauma
  • Over-exercising or direct impact on the navicular bone during sports such as playing football, skating and skiing




  • Pain, swelling and redness over the affected area


  1. Custom-made prescription foot orthoses/sandals: Over-pronation and flat feet would place excessive strain on the tibialis posterior tendon and stress on the navicular bone increasing the risk of getting pain. Custom-made prescription foot orthoses and sandals can correct the biomechanics by bringing the subtalar joint into an ideal position, thus reducing navicular pain.
  2. Ankle brace: Stabilize the foot and reduce swelling by compression
  3. Strengthening and stretching exercises: Do leg muscle strengthening exercise and stretching when the navicular bone area is in good and painless condition

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