What should I do when my calf experiences pain?

The calf is composed of two groups of muscles: gastrocnemius and soleus. These muscle groups are often involved in most of our daily activities, whether in walking, running, or jumping. The higher the usage rate, the higher tendency of tightening up and increased tiredness or pain will follow.


  • Excessive sporting overloads the calves and insufficient calf stretching exercises for tightened muscles
  • Structural deviation of the foot: such as flat feet, pronated feet or high arched feet, resulting heels not in their optimal vertical position. Excessive mechanical forces are required to exert on and thus overwork the calf – Achilles complex


  • Sharp pain at calf when getting out of bed in the morning
  • Feeling of being stretched at calf while walking
  • Tightened and painful calf upon prolonged walking


  1. Custom foot orthoses︰To prescribe according to the biomechanical deviation of the people foot to correct the heel deviation and reduce the excessive mechanical forces on the calf-Achilles complex.
  2. Proper fitting of shoes:To reduce the burden on the calf muscles
  3. Stretching exercise::For the tight calf muscle to increase its flexibility
  4. Muscle stimulators:Electrical stimulation application to help calf muscles relax