The primary function of prescription custom foot orthoses is to correct biomechanical leg and foot malalignment .This is analogous to correction of poor eye sight by spectacles. The effectiveness of the prescription custom foot orthoses depends upon professional foot assessment and professional prescription to correct the foot malalignment.

Foot Assessment

Our Pedorthist conducts professional foot assessment with focus on the areas of pain complaints in relation to biomechanical assessment. They perform palpation and take customer’s footprints for analysis of customer’s foot problem.


Measurement of Foot Deformity

Our pedorthist assesses customer’s foot and measures foot alignments by using a professional foot assessment system.

Gait Analysis

Foot deformities lead to gait disorder. Our pedorthist will assess the gait pattern by observation or using foot dynamics analyzer.

gait analysis

Medical History Analysis

To determine the best solution, our pedorthist will request for our customer’s past medical history, including previous diagnoses and treatments, past and existing foot problems, daily habits, footwear choices, etc.
foot consultation

Explanation of Assessment Results

Our pedorthist will explain the results of the assessment, and recommend the best solution.

The content and sequence of the above assessment process vary from person to person, depending on the customer’s foot problems.