How can I relieve the anterior knee pain?

Many people got subtle knee pain when walking up and down stairs or on slopes. What can I do to alleviate or prevent knee pain?


  • Degenerative arthritis resulted by trauma, post-surgery or persistent wear and tear
  • Lack of muscle strength or over-activity
  • Structural deviation of the foot (e.g., flat feet, pronated feet, high arches) that couples with excessive internal rotation of the lower leg and, in turn, causes the mal-tracking of the knee cap during movement
  • Knocked knees (or X-shaped alignment) could increase the Q-angle of the knee, increasing unnecessary mechanical stress on the knee joint when walking


  • Pain at the knee cap when going up or down stairs, swelling of the knee joint, and “clicking sounds” when squatting or standing up from a squatting position
  • Decreased range of motion, inability to fully extended or squatting
  • Experienced Weakness while going up and down stairs


  1. Muscle strengthening exercises:Specific muscle strengthening exercises, especially for the quadriceps and femoral external rotators, to stabilize the knee cap and reduce the internal rotation of the lower extremity during walking. Can simply use the exercise bands or loops for training.
  2. Supplements:For people with degenerative arthritis, natural eggshell membranes could supplement joint nutrition and alleviate pain, which is evidence-proven to be better than traditional glucosamine and chondroitin.
  3. Custom prescription foot orthoses/sandals:Orthotic devices could improve the biomechanical alignment between the knee cap and the femoral groove during movement through reducing the internal rotation and the Q-angle of the knee.
  4. Knee braces:For prolonged walking, manual labor or sporing, a proper fitted knee brace could control swelling and stabilize the knee cap.
  5. Knee cap straps︰Provision of basic protection for return to sports or still having mild pain after rehabilitation.

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